Cdc Puppy Confinement Agreement

Due to the risk of under-vaccinated dogs to public health, HHS/CDC presents this guide describing how it will use its discretion in establishing containment agreements for dog importers. In deciding to issue a containment agreement, HHS/CDC will consider several factors to ensure that the conditions of the containment agreement are not violated or that an under-vaccinated dog poses no danger to public health. As a general rule, the non-delivery of a containment agreement results in the dog (s) refusing entry. “Refusal of entry” generally means the immediate return of the dog or dogs to the country of origin at the importer`s expense. The dogs are also maintained to their final disposal at the importer`s expense. Hello all – We hope to get our new puppy from the breeder in Ontario about 8 weeks. Current online requirements say that your puppy needs to be vaccinated rabies and then you have to wait another 30 days before the rabies… this means 12 weeks plus 4 more weeks — > 16 weeks. Given the importance of a puppy`s socializing period, we really don`t want to wait that long. Wondering if anyone has recently had the experience of bringing puppies to the United States when they have the 16 weeks needed to younger? I`ve heard that there is a CDC form that you can get, but I can`t get reliable information on how that form can be handled.

Help? When public and local public health authorities follow notifications of the containment agreement and find that the importer is violating the agreement, they notify HHS/CDC. In 2009, HHS/CDC began sending warning letters to known violations of dog detention agreements. The warning letters inform importers that they have violated the legally binding birthing agreement, recall their obligations under federal law and warn them that other offences could lead to the U.S. attorney`s office being referred to the court. In fiscal 2013, more than 20 dog importers, including those importing more than 1 to 2 deliveries of dogs per year to the United States, received letters of formal notice from HHS/CDC for non-compliance with the containment agreement. Owner`s name and address Race, sex, age, color, markers and other identification information for the dog Rabies Vaccination Date and information on vaccine products Vaccination date is run Name, license number, address and signature of the veterinarian who administers the puppy vaccination should not be vaccinated against rabies 3 months ago, so that the youngest that puppy can be imported in the United States is 4 months old.