Cheslatta Reconciliation Agreement

On March 28, 2019, the Cheslatta Carrier Nation and the provincial government signed an agreement to study the historic impact of the Kenney Dam and the Nechako Dam on the Cheslatta people. The conciliation agreement, along with an interim future reconciliation agreement in Cheslatta, will support social and economic well-being and cultural revitalization and support reconciliation, in line with B.C`s commitment to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. “For 67 years, the Cheslattas have worked tirelessly to find a solution and reconciliation with this historic injustice. This agreement honors the justice for which our ancestors and former leaders fought all their lives. We are now in a position to begin the healing process and promote the social and economic image of our people for future generations. According to the province, the agreement will serve as a framework for further negotiations on specific benefits for the First Nation. As far as land is concerned, the agreement “contains no obligation to transfer or use certain parcels of La Kronland. Cheslatta will identify areas that will be the subject of in-depth analysis and full engagement with First Nations and neighbouring stakeholders before the province makes decisions. Rio Tinto, formerly Alcan, which built a reservoir for the Kitimat aluminum smelter, B.C, has signed a new agreement with the Cheslatta Nation that promotes The social and economic well-being of Cheslatta through training, employment, business opportunities and environmental responsibility. “We`ve been in this [negotiation] process for about four and a half years,” Leween told Lakes District News.

“As a leader and council, we have made ourselves available to develop a comprehensive community plan and direction for rebuilding our community, and there is a confidence agreement to ensure funds for future generations.” Rio Tinto Canada`s Director of Media Relations Simon Letendre said the agreement will focus on training, employment and business opportunities for Cheslatta, as well as environmental responsibility. For more information on the agreements, see the June 2018 fact sheet and a new context. Commitment In return, the agreement constitutes a complete and definitive regulation of Cheslatta`s claims against B.C. regarding the impact of the Nechako dam on their rights and title interests, the ministry said. “For 67 years, the Cheslattas have worked tirelessly to find a solution and reconciliation with this historic injustice,” Corrina Leween, head of the Cheslatte Carrier Nation, said in a press release. Cheslatta Carrier Nation chief Corrina Leween said: “The New Day Agreement is an important step forward in a new relationship with Rio Tinto. It is also another step forward in the restoration of Cheslatta`s jurisdiction over our territory and the implementation of an innovative cheslatta-led fiduciary initiative for our country, water and environment. I would like the New Day agreement to help offset the many dark days our nation has experienced over the past 68 years.