Pioneer Technology Use Agreement

Tana, I`d like you to read more about the good Monsanto done. Gmo-corn with Bt has reduced the use of pesticides sprayed and used when planting millions of pounds. In many cases, pesticides were highly toxic and do not have the largest environmental profiles, not to mention crop loss due to insects such as corn cores and corn root worms. This also eliminated exposure to farmers and agricultural workers, excluding the significant use of pesticides on maize. They probably have little knowledge of how maize was grown in maize before and after the introduction of Monsanto technology. Ask every corn grower, and I think you`ll see that most people have benefited a lot from this technology. I can tell you a similar story about glyphosate-tolerant crops, and how this has reduced the use of herbicides such as atrazine, which has occurred in many areas of groundwater. I, too, would like to read Brian`s thoughts on the pros and cons of concluding the contract (especially because I agree with all the ideas you have expressed so eloquently, and there are few things I would like to add that you have not yet said! I strongly agree that FarmAid seems to want to make all farmers unfortunate victims of the SES, and this is indeed far from the truth, as there are often too many simplifications. And I strongly agree that the resistance characteristics grown in crops, whether by age or “conventional,” require a resistance management plan. Trait technology safety data sheets provide producers with information on human health protection, workplace safety, environmental protection and emergency response support. Click here to see the latest feature technology security data sheets.

So you have it. We have to agree to be able to use Monsanto`s biotechnology on our farm. I don`t see anything that hurts my farm. Neither did Iowa farmer Dave Walton. I don`t need to buy their herbicides, and I won`t have to buy them next year if I don`t want to. The biggest problem I have with seed companies is that it seems that they relay from time to time a multitude of people who are a very powerful interpreter on our farm. I understand the concern that organic farms that have GMO crops in close proximity to their own. These farmers have worked hard and been patient in getting organic certification, and they do not want to start all over again.

Even though we do not have neighbours, organic farming, it is important that we be careful in creating applications on the ground. We hope our neighbors will do the same because our waxed corn is usually not RR and our popcorn certainly isn`t. They could also derive from any cornfield damage to soybeans next door, so even guys like me are friendly with the practices of other farms. We had injured a cornfield at the border or killed by someone who thought our crop was RR, just like theirs.