Visual Studio 2015 License Agreement

I do the Windows Desk app in the Visual Studio app. I have to provide it. 9. Exclusion of the warranty. The software is licensed “as we see it.” You take the risk of using it. Microsoft does not provide explicit guarantees, guarantees or conditions. To the extent that your local laws allow, Microsoft excludes unspoken guarantees of market continuity, adequacy for a specific purpose and non-counterfeiting. 6. FULL AGREEMENT. This agreement and the conditions for the additions, updates, internet services and support services you use are the whole agreement for software and support services. 8.

CONSUMER RIGHTS; REGIONAL VARIATIONS. This agreement outlines certain rights. Under the laws of your state or country, you may have other rights, including consumer rights. Separated and outside of your relationship with Microsoft, you may also have rights to the party to which you purchased the software. This agreement does not change these other rights if the laws of your state or country do not allow it. If you bought the software in any of the following regions. B or if mandatory national law applies, you are subject to the following provisions: a) Australia. They have legal guarantees under Australian consumer law and nothing in this agreement is supposed to infringe those rights.

b) Canada. If you purchased this software in Canada, you can stop receiving updates by disabling the automatic updates feature, disconnecting your device from the Internet (and restoring the Internet connection, but the software restores search and installation of updates) or uninstalling the software. If so, product documentation can also indicate how to disable updates to your device or software. c) Germany and Austria. (i) warranty. The duly licensed software essentially works as described in all Microsoft materials that are attached to the software. Microsoft does not, however, provide any contractual guarantees regarding the licensed software. (ii) Limitation of liability. In the event of intentional misconduct, gross negligence, claims under the Product Liability Act, and death or bodily harm, Microsoft is liable in accordance with the law. Subject to clause (ii) above, Microsoft is only liable for slight negligence if Microsoft violates the essential obligations of the contract, the performance of which facilitates the performance of this agreement, the violation of which compromises the purpose of this agreement and of which a party can consistently trust (“cardinal obligations”).

In other cases of minor negligence, Microsoft is not responsible for slight negligence. Please note that, as this software is distributed in Quebec in Canada, some of the clauses in this agreement are contained below in French. Note: As this is software distributed in Quebec, Canada, some of the clauses in this contract are provided below in French. WARRANTY EXEMPTION. Licensed software is offered “as is.” Any use of this software is your only risk and peril. Microsoft does not provide any other express guarantees. You may benefit from additional rights under local consumer protection law, which this contract cannot change. The or they are permitted by local law, implicit guarantees of market quality, special service and absence of counterfeiting are excluded.