Year Of Agreement

China is undoubtedly serious in improving its already close relations with Iran, but these close relations are not and will not be a precondition for China`s bilateral relations with other regional actors such as Israel or Saudi Arabia. In light of the Chinese agreement with Israel on the operation of the port of Haifa, it is clear that China`s relations with Iran are not unique or unique in the region. Moreover, with regard to the proposal for military intervention, China is not only fully aware that the proud national conscience of the Iranian people and the political culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran will not allow the deployment of a massive number of foreign troops to Iran, but it also does not want to send troops to Iran in order to avoid the potential risk in an armed conflict between Iran and its regional rival. These assertions are either part of the political attitude of Iranian political differences in exile, which would like to describe the current Iranian regime as a “liquidation of interests to foreigners”, or are part of the general fear of Western society in favour of a so-called “aggressive Chinese expansion”. However, these assumptions are a misunderstanding of the agreement; it has no revolutionary dimension in relations between China and Iran. On the contrary, the agreement is more often than not a gesture of friendship and the natural and unsurprising continuation of the relationship between the two states. China does not plan and plan to send troops to Iran and does not plan to enter a partisan position in regional conflicts in the Middle East. Life has a scary way of being the opposite of what you thought. For most people, this means that they don`t end up with their high school favorites or that they don`t go to college of their dreams; For me, it was everything for my life. I didn`t think I`d be dropped off in an orphanage when I was 5 years old. I just graduated from high school, and I work two horrible jobs to pay rent. You could say that my whole life has been a great disappointment.